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Government and agency water and environmental sites
Organization Description
California Department of Health Services
The Division of Drinking Water and Environmental Management promotes and maintains a physical, chemical, and biological environment that contributes positively to health, prevents illness, and assures protection of the public
California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment - Fish Advisories

California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment's Information Site: assesses public health risks from air and water pollution, food and seafood contamination, and pesticides. Provides on-site specific fish advisories and fact-sheets on health risks associated with different contaminants.




California Environmental Protection Agency - Environmental Justice Program

An agency program developing environmental justice policies to be implement throughout the California Environmental Protection Agency.



California State Water Resources Control Board


Agency charged with monitoring the quality of California's water resources and ensuring proper distribution of these resources.


Water Operations within the Bureau of Reclamation

Federal water management website, includes detailed water operations data, programs and activities and pertinent environmental documents on the Mid-Pacific Region. Also includes rainfall, reservoir and river data and diagrams for the following regions: Great Plains, Lower Colorado, Mid-Pacific, Pacific Northwest Region and Upper Colorado.



California Urban Water Conservation Council


Council of water agencies, public interest groups and private entities working to integrate urban water conservation into California water policy.



American Water Works Association


The association provides comprehensive consumer information on water quality, including information on utilities in the U.S and related news



Association of California Water Agencies - Providers and Regulations


Largest coalition of water agencies, it focuses on state and federal drinking water regulations and legislation. Provides Information on water supply, water quality and links to its member agencies.


The California Public Utlities Commisson


Agency that regulated water, wastewater, telecommunications and electric companies.




The California Bay Delta Authority


A collaborative effort between various state and federal agencies to come up with comprehensive environmental, residential, industrial and agricultural plan for the Bay-Delta.