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EJCW Goals

Expand and build on public rights related to water to improve democratic participation by facilitating broader participation in local and statewide water policy and planning of communities not historically involved, especially people of color and low-income people.

Facilitate collaboration among environmental justice, rural, ethnic, farm worker and environmental communities.

Assist community leaders to become stronger water advocates for their communities.

Improve community investment, engagement, and accountability to those communities in water planning, policies, and decision-making.

Residents from the agricultural community of San Jerardo, near Salinas, display the news coverage they have recieved during their battle to gain safe, affordable drinking water. Residents have been drinking bottled water for the past five years because of very high nitrate rates as a result of agricultural fertilizer use. After significant organizating and pressure from local residents, Monterey County has installed an emergency filtration plant.



Our Strategies

Employ movement building activities, such as youth and multi-generational leadership development, technical assistance provision, joint strategizing and agenda setting, in order to build and strengthen our coalition and its members.

Change the dynamics of power within California water politics in order to increase the environmental justice presence and power. This will include supporting the appointment and election of EJ representatives on water policy-making bodies; advocating for more inclusive, democratic, and accountable policy processes & institutions; increasing accountability of water policy makers, facilitating direct community representation and participation in Sacramento and other policy-making venues; introducing alternative policy models, and increasing the EJCW’s visibility in water policy making circles.

Champion laws, regulations, and policies that protect people and the environment over profits, and that prevent negative impacts on our communities (and not simply mitigate impacts).

Develop and promote new environmental justice models that focus on holistic and ecological water management. These models will promote learning in and across communities, and will elevate new water management practices within mainstream California water policy circles.

Shift prevailing public attitudes so that people and the environment are valued over profits. This will include the development of joint messaging and issue framing, media advocacy, targeted, multi-lingual public outreach and education.

Build alliances with various water stakeholders in order to build support for and power of water justice issues. We will continue to develop alliances with the Environmental Water Caucus, moderate legislators, labor unions, and others who may be sympathetic towards our issues.